Terms & Conditions

**New customers will be required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit**


1. Awareness:

Please make us aware if your dog has any medical conditions with each visit. Also, please make it known to us, if there is any part of the grooming process, they are not keen on. This is for everyone's safety, including your dog's.


2. Bitches in season:

Please inform us if your Bitch is in season. They will either need to be rescheduled/booked in when out of season, or when no males are due in. We DO NOT accept any pregnant bitches. We also have a right to refuse any dog which may cause harm to itself or the staff of Top Dog Groomers. 


3. Late Pick Up:

We are a one on one Salon with no cages. If you are later than a stated time, there will be an extra charge added to your final bill. 


4. Missed/Cancelled Appointments:

If less than 24 hours notice has been given. We will require the fee for the missed appointment, as well as a 50% non-refundable deposit upfront before another appointment can be made. (Or at Groomers discretion).


5. Late window:

Being a small business, and not using cages in the grooming area. We will only allow a 10-minute window, after your scheduled appointment, before we can no longer accept you for the session. 


6. Fleas:

We ask that you please do your best to make sure your dog does not have any Fleas before entering the Salon. If you know your dog has fleas, please cancel your appointment, so we can minimize the risk of transfer to others. Should we find flea whilst your dog(s) are in our care, there will be a £5 charge per dog added to your final bill. 


7. Anal Glands:

Not all dogs need this doing. However, there are a few which need assistance. We are not VETS and so cannot check/empty glands internally. Please inform us if you would like us to express them externally. By signing this form, you have given us permission to express the glands externally, if requested. As the owner, you take FULL responsibility of the results.


8. Shaving:

Following the Animal Welfare Act, if your dog arrives with any matting in the coat, the Groomer will carry out work which is humanely best. This could result in shaving close to the skin to start over. This may also reveal skin problems, which were once covered by the matting. As the owner, you will take FULL responsibly of these. The cost of clipping off any matted coat will automatically be a minimum of £45. This is to cover the cost of maintenance of equipment used.


9. Pricing:

We do our best to price fairly & accurately. However, in some cases the original price quoted may change due to the dog’s behaviour, coat type and condition. 


10. Payment:

We accept both cash & card payments.


11. Media:

Photos & Videos may be taken of your Dog(s) for promotional purposes, such as Facebook, Instagram and on our website. Please let us know if you DO NOT wish for us to do this.


12. Strike Rule:

Top Dog is a small business. Should you miss more than 2 appointments with us, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept future bookings.


13. New Customers/first time bookings: 

If you are new to Top Dog Groomers. Please be aware, that should you fail to come to your first booking. Another appointment cannot be made until FULL payment of the missed booking is paid upfront. We will also require a non-refundable 50% deposit for future bookings.