Price List

All Dogs are individual. Prices below are only estimates until we are able to see and groom your dog. Please call us on the number above if you have an enquiry. 

**Unfortunately the salon is unable to take on large, double coated breeds and handstrips**

*All Grooming prices include nail clipping & ear cleaning/plucking free of hair (if hair is not resistant)*

Bath & Nail - From £22

Prices start from small, short coated breeds i.e. Chihuahua. The bigger the breed and thicker the coat, the higher the price. Please note this does not include clipping of the body.



Full Groom – From £33

Prices start from small breeds such as teacup size Yorkshire Terrier to your slightly bigger breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers, Shih Tzu, Westie and Bichon Frise. The bigger the breed and thicker the coat, the higher the price. 



Full Groom for POODLE CROSS BREEDS – From £44

Poodle cross breeds can have thicker coats. This makes the clipping, bathing and drying process take longer. 



Extras - £5 Each per Dog (Unless booked in for a Grooming Session)

This is for Visor (Fringe) trimming. Nails. Ear cleaning/Plucking of hair (if hair is not resistant). Rear end trim.


Matted Coats - £49.50+

Matted coats take time to remove. They can damaged and/or blunt equipment in the process. On average it can take between 2-3 hours, if it's a smaller sized breed. Larger breeds will take longer. This is also to give both the Groomer and dog/s time for breaks throughout the process.


**Prices are based on individual dog’s temperament, coat type, how regular they are groomed and their behaviour through the process. Prices quoted on the day are estimates**