Salon Updates

23rd March 2020

The salon is closed until further notice. Please follow the Public Health Guidelines to keep you and your family safe and healthy


20th April 2020

Due to the latest announcement of lock down being extended a further 3 weeks. The salon will be remaining closed until further notice.

22nd May 2020

The Salon will be re-opening on the 25th May 2020. However, we will not be taking on new customers at this time. There will be strict rules and regulations, which will need to be followed. Otherwise we WILL NOT be able to accept any bookings. This new information will be posted on our Facebook page, and on our website shortly.

13th August 2020

Then Salon is running by appointment only. New Customers will be booked with our new Groomer; who is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. The front door will be kept locked, and only opened when a customer with an appointment arrives. 

For payment, please use contactless when possible.

4th January 2021

The Salon is currently CLOSED. We are awaiting more information as to whether we can remain open or not. As well as relevant restrictions.

13th April 2021

The Salon is now open and running 'by appointment only'. New customers please click here. Beth, who is based here, will be able to assist you.

Opening Times



9:30am - 5pm



10am - 4pm




7B Devonport Road






Tel: 01752 719396

Last updated 14th April '21

Closed Bank Holidays and one following day

Please see our Facebook page for any other closure dates