We hope to answer any Questions you may have

Q. How long should I go between grooms?
The average is about 6-8 weeks. However if you are wanting to keep the coat longer it's suggested maybe 4 or 5 weeks, especially if you are struggling to keep on top of the maintenance at home. Talk to the groomer if you need help or advice.

Q. How long does it take to groom my dog?
It can vary from dog to dog. I try to keep to the time slot I tell you, whether this is 1 1/2 hours for a bath and de-shedding (removing the undercoat you find all around your house) or 1 1/2 -2 hours for a Full Groom on a Shih Tzu or Westie. This is provided they are groomed on a regular basis and their coat is in good condition. If your dog is not used to being handled or not used to the grooming process, this can be more challenging and therefore can take longer to complete. Either way you will be called if it's any different


Q. Can I come back early if i'm ready earlier than planned?

We'd appreciate you waiting for us to contact you before returning. Chances are, if you return earlier than expected, your dog will sense you coming through the door and become unsettled making the Groomer's job more difficult and take longer. There is a coffee shop a few doors away from us where you can wait, should you become available for pick up a bit earlier than you thought.


Q. I'm running a bit late to collect my dog, is that a problem?

Due to the current Pandemic, there are strict time slots for each customer. If you are later than a stated time, there will be a late charge added to your final bill. Please click here to read our terms '3. Late Pick Up'.

Q. Can I stay whilst you groom my dog?
I would like to say yes, however with the current Pandemic we cannot allow it. 

Q. Do you groom more than one dog at a time?

We always ask, when taking a booking, whether your four legged friend(s) are alright in the same space as other dogs. We always do our very best not mix pooches from different families. If yours is nervous or not sure around others then please tell us when contacting the Salon. We'll book them in on a day they have their own space. We love it when all dogs are happy and comfortable.   

Q. How early can I get my puppy groomed?

For it's first full groom, it's normally no earlier than 6 months, HOWEVER...to get them used to the salon environment it's best to get your new arrival in for their first experience as soon as possible after they've had all vaccinations. Even if it's just for a nail clipping. They will need to get used to someone holding their paws and clipping their nails regularly. They will need to be INTRODUCED to everything so that when the time comes for their first full pamper...the experience won't be so scary for them. To find out what an introduction consists of, please click here 


Q. What can be done to make the experience less stressful?

Some dogs need to have hair plucked out of their ears. If it comes away freely, or with little resistance, we can remove it. However to get them used to having this done, putting your finger in their ears and wiggling them around a little bit, can help them get use to the sensation.  

When it comes to their nails not all dogs need them done, which is why it is important to keep an eye on them ESPECIALLY the dew claws. These can vary in size and if they have them, will be found on the inside of front and/or back legs just above the foot. Have a little feel around as some can be noticeable and some can be tiny. When it comes to having them clipped, you can help by massaging their feet to get them used to their feet being held, and praising them when they don't try to pull away. Sometimes using a treat or a favourite toy can help with positive reinforcement, so they associate what you're doing with something good. 

When introducing puppies to the grooming routine, some will need their visor (also known as their fringe) trimmed back to keep the hair out of their eyes. To do this, the Groomer needs to be able to gently hold onto the hair on their bottom jaw under their nose. Some may except it with no fuss...other are not so keen. To help, you can rub their jaw and hold the hair every now and then, with slight tension to let them know you need to hold them still, rewarding them every time they do not try to pull away.

Once these are being achieved. Moving them to a higher surface, will get them use to it all being done by a Groomer on a table in a Salon.

Q. How do you take payment?

We can take both cash and card payments. Please state which you are using when asked by the staff. 

Q. Can you de-matt my dog?
The short answer is no. If they have small knots or tangles which can be removed with absolutely no discomfort to your dog, then yes we will do our best to remove them. We will not, however, put them through the process of brushing out solid matts. It goes against the Animal Welfare Act causing them unnecessary pain and suffering. They will be clipped short to start again.  


Q. My dog has had an operation, when can he/she have an appointment?

Depending on what's been done, we like to give at least a week to give the wound a chance to decently heal over. However with that said, we would definitely need the go ahead from your Vet. The last thing we want is for your pooch to be healing well, for then a wash, or any part of the groom, to lessen any chance of a better healing process. Once we have the go ahead from your Vet, we can book an appointment for you.


Q. My female is in season, can you still groom her?

We are more than happy to groom a female in session. Please mention this when making a inquiry/booking as we will need to make sure we have the availability on a suitable day with no male dogs in the salon.

Q. My female is or might be pregnant, can you still groom her?

No, under no circumstances we will accept a pregnant dog for grooming. 

Q. Why do you not answer the phone?
I may be dealing with another customer or working on a dog. If you call outside business hours, the phone will not be answered. If for any reason the phone is not answered please leave a message, and you'll be answered as soon as possible. Business hours can be found at the bottom of the page.

Q. Where is your shop?

The building is formally known as The Pear Tree pub. If you were familiar with this, then that is where you will find us. If not, please follow these directions. We hope they help.


Milehouse direction - If you are arriving from the direction of Milehouse road, you will see an estate agents on your left by the traffic lights on the corner of Molesworth Road. Carry on straight ahead and you will pass a couple of charity shops, again on your left. I am just after these shops. You may find it easier to spot Sanity Hair & Beauty and the Opticians on the right first, we are opposite.

Devonport direction - If you are coming from the Devonport side, follow the road through the Village, you will pass a Co op on your left. Carry on pass the traffic lights and you will soon see Codmother on the right. We are a couple of shops on from them, on the same side. (If you see Sanity Hair & Beauty first on the left we are opposite)


Q. What are your opening times?
Please see bottom of page for opening hours

Q. Do you work extra hours?
No we do not work extra hours. This is like any other business when it comes to opening hours.