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Top Dog Groomers is a clean and fresh looking Salon which is partially open plan.

We don't have cages in the salon as we like seeing dogs being free and comfortable and of course safe, behind the safety of the gate.


We do have one permanently open crate, with a front and top flap which can be zipped closed or kept open so dogs can choose whether or not they want to go in themselves. Some pooches, we've found, like to settle somewhere whilst they wait for you to return. Some use it because they feel more comfortable. We don't like to close it, however should a dog be delayed in being collected and is not social with others, we need to put all dogs and staff safety first. This crate is only closed in an emergency.


There is a small courtyard at the rear end of the building. The back gate is always closed for safety whilst Dogs are let out for a comfort break.

Here at Top Dog Groomers we provide a one on one service and give each dog the care and attention they deserve.

We try and encourage nervous pooches out of their shells with gentle cuddles and lots of calm talking. We do love seeing the difference, if they arrive nervous, leaving us with wagging tails (and alot of the time a kiss or two!)


All dogs are treated like part of the family...after all, that's exactly what they are and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Please be aware we do have a few policies in place. All of which can be read on our contract below.

**Photos are taken, and videos are recorded during grooming sessions, for advertising purposes. Unless you request not to. Please let us know when dropping off.**